Chests & trunks

Wooden chests, treasure chests, antique chests

Chests stimulate the imagination like hardly any other piece of furniture. Inevitably, we think of treasure chests in fairy tales and stories, magnificent containers with mysterious contents. The great era of chests may be over, but with their nostalgic appearance they still exude a great fascination. Quite soberly, the chests provide ample storage space for things of all kinds, but at the same time can be used as a table or bench. They are also often used as storage or sideboards. Painted or decorated with beautiful carvings, our chests from India and Bali fascinate with exotic flair. Beautiful fittings, colors and paintings give each piece a unique look. In addition to ethnic, colonial and vintage style chests, our selection also includes antique wedding chests. These were once used to store trousseaus and dowries and impress with opulent decorations.

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